Blood On The Mountain

from by Skogshallen

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hear the horns resounding in the halls of valhalla
hear the sound of hammers as they fall

draw your sword and fight for glory as this night unfolds
if you run you'll surely die with stories left untold

shed their blood upon this mountain die with sword in hand
stories of your deeds shall echo all across the land

the sound
of horns
the call of my brothers
your spears
no tears
we go to valhalla
no fear
I'll fight
I'll die for my ancestors
in hand
I'll shed
this blood on the mountain

Hold your head up high and toast your horns to your kindred
Hold the line of shields and think of home we may not (yet) return

the field
and fight
and die now with honor
wont stop
for man
or the forces of nature
no fear
lets fight
ill die for my ancestors
in hand
lets shed
their blood on the mountain

show no mercy kill your foes and send them down to Hel
there in helheim they shall rot and fall into despair
glory now in death or vengeance for your peoples woes
cut their throats and spill their blood upon the winter snows


from Fara í Víking, released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Skogshallen Vinland, California

Formed in 2005 the band underwent many name changes, Vitt Varg, White Frost, until the name was changed to Skogen Sal and then finally Skogshallen to avoid being confused for a NS or Neo Nazi affiliated band. Skogshallen focuses on vikings, norse myth, and anti religion in its themes and uses medieval and folk instruments mixed with black and melodic death metal for for its sound. ... more

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