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As my blood flows on the ground
making not a single sound
storm clouds gather in my mind
nightmares of a different kind

All but anger shall depart
I invoke my wild heart
Wolfish blood flows through my veins
and my life is now sustained

Now you bleed unto my claws
and your throat is in my jaws
Death is now your only friend
soon your worthless life will end

Blood upon the dusty ground
no marking stone nor funeral mound
I shall dine upon thy flesh
and lay your hollow soul to rest

The frozen light of day is gone

The silver moon is burning strong

Once threatened by your foolish plight
defeated now by wolfish might
The steps of my path now made clear
into the night i disappear

I howl up to yonder moon
my song my melody my tune
voracious i shall be tonight
for endless is my appetite

wandering the mists alone
endarkened woods I call my home
as the moon glows in the sky
my foes shall hear my feral cry

preists and men of god shall pray
that swiftly night will fade away
darkness dwells inside my heart
and for my death im not afraid

one of them i'll never be
all are weak and never free
though many men of god will try
the wolf in me will never die


as your mind cries out in vain
making sure you feel my pain
for the loss of kith and kin
holy one I am your bane

digging arrows from my flesh
and poison running through my veins
hot and heavy is my breath
i shall never fear again

running fast across the fields
wielding nothing save a sword
hacking limbs and breaking shields
i face off against the hordes

i will almost surely die
all but sealed now is my fate
hear the wolves and ravens cry
a hunger that your corpse will sate

i will take away your life
for it is our time to die
i can hear the valkyries call
now i journey to valhall

I shall dine with einherjar
feasting long into the night
covered now with battle scars
we do battle at first light

i have now become the wolf
born upon the fields of war
flames of battle shall engulf
the forests and the sandy shores

Ragnarök shall come to pass
with giant waves of burning ash
on the ground my foes shall fall
howling as i slay them all


from Fara í Víking, released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Skogshallen Vinland, California

Formed in 2005 the band underwent many name changes, Vitt Varg, White Frost, until the name was changed to Skogen Sal and then finally Skogshallen to avoid being confused for a NS or Neo Nazi affiliated band. Skogshallen focuses on vikings, norse myth, and anti religion in its themes and uses medieval and folk instruments mixed with black and melodic death metal for for its sound. ... more

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