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On the day we landed
we saw perched on a hill
their wretched house of worship
for Odin blood shall be spilled

we stormed, in uninvited
we tore their flesh from their bones
the blood flowed like a river
to the raging seas below

Heed our words
and run into the night
our swords
will shine so bright as we split
your skulls
and blood eagle your corpse
die now
and feel our revenge

We sliced off their heads
And hacked them to shreds
And left their great kingdom to burn

We took all their wealth
Left them in poor health
And then, to our home we returned

There was a great feast
With music and mead
As we drank to our great victory

in your books youll write
of the day, your holy house burned
the coffers all were looted
and all your prayers were ignored

your god shall play no part
we'll suffer his clergy no more
all youll receive is an axe to the face
or the business end of my sword

Heed Our song and
know your time has come
we stand strong
and not afraid to fight
for our homes
youll pay with your life
taste our steel
and feel our revenge


from Fara í Víking, released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Skogshallen Vinland, California

Formed in 2005 the band underwent many name changes, Vitt Varg, White Frost, until the name was changed to Skogen Sal and then finally Skogshallen to avoid being confused for a NS or Neo Nazi affiliated band. Skogshallen focuses on vikings, norse myth, and anti religion in its themes and uses medieval and folk instruments mixed with black and melodic death metal for for its sound. ... more

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